Karen Bellone studied film and photography at New York University and received a BFA. After a decade of working, she received an MFA in Directing from the Actors Studio/New School for Social Research. 

Karen’s process over the last two decades has been steeped in work-for-hire projects, as well as personal film and photography projects, in addition to experimental theater work.

In the 1990's, Karen formed a production company, Bell One Productions, in New York, opening offices in Los Angeles and London as well. Karen executive-produced and/or directed more than 150 music videos, commercials, TV shows and concerts. Simultaneously, she studied archival photographic processes and became obsessed with platinum/palladium printing. Also during this time, she co-founded the experimental theatre ensemble, The Stable Group.

She has been commissioned by major record labels to photograph album/CD covers, and well as artist portraits.

Currently, she is a union set photographer for film/TV.

Karen currently lives in Los Angeles, travels as much as possible for work and pleasure, and still pines away for her hometown, Brooklyn NY.